IST Department

We believe instructional materials and assessment tools must reflect the way that people acquire, process, and share information. This philosophy, combined with the deep and varied experiences of our faculty, enables us to give students the best possible preparation for work in the field of instructional systems technology. Here, faculty and students observe and analyze learning environments, evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies for learning, and research which technologies—analog, digital, and conceptual—can make those environments and strategies more powerful.

We also believe in applying what we’ve learned for the benefit of our students. We pioneered Indiana University’s entry into digital learning environments through IUConnectED, and now offer students the option of getting a master’s or doctorate degree online.

Our faculty includes passionate teachers, innovative researchers, and experienced practitioners in the development of educational content and technology. As a student, you’ll work side by side with the leading experts in the field—and help shape the future of education.

For more information please visit the IST department web site.