Organizing Committee

Conference Planning Leadership

Merve Basdogan

Technical Support Team Lead

Merve Basdogan is a second year doctoral student in the IST program at Indiana University. She earned her undergraduate degree and master's degree in Computer Education and Instructional Technologies department at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey. Online education is the main interest area of her. Prior to coming Indiana University, she spent one year as a quality expert in a private educational content developer company and also worked as a research assistant at a Continuing Education Center. Currently, she is the associate instructor for an undergraduate education course at IU.

Meina Zhu

Facilitation Team Lead

Meina Zhu is a second-year doctoral student in the Instructional Systems Technology (IST) program. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Beijing Normal University in China. Prior to coming to IU, she worked at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China for four years. Currently she is interested in online instructional design, open education and mobile learning.

Annisa Sari


Annisa Sari is a second year doctoral student in IST. Prior coming to IU, she worked as a lecturer at Yogyakarta State University in Indonesia. She holds a bachelor degree in Accounting Education and a master’s degree in IST. Her research interests include online learning, hybrid learning, and technology integration into the classroom specifically related to Accounting/Economics subjects.

Ahmed Lachheb

Registration Team Lead Advertising/Social Media Team Lead

Ahmed Lachheb is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Instructional Systems Technology (IST) Program. He is also an associate instructor for the IST department teaching R341and W200 classes at the School of Education. Prior to joining IST, Ahmed worked as an Instructional Technologist and a Designer at Fort Hays State University, KS. He holds a Master's degree in Educational Technology from Grand Valley State University College of Education and a BA in English from the University of Sfax, Tunisia. 

Hamid Nadiruzzaman

Hospitality Team Lead

Hamid Nadir is a 3rd year Ph.D student in IST. His research interests are design problem solving, computational thinking, technology integration, PBL, and CSCL. He is currently working as an instructional consultant in School of Education. In the past, he had worked as an associate instructor and a public school teacher.  He likes sports and enjoys outdoors.

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Manal Alsaif

Proposal Selection Team Lead

My name is Manal Alsaif, I am a second year IST student. I am originally from Saudi Arabia. I have taught in higher education for five years. My research interest is broad and it is a round people communication in online settings. It covers the social influence, the design for those settings, and collaborating in those setting. My current research is online students collaboration in project-based learning course. I am proud to be a member of IST family and serve in the IST conference last year and this year. I believe that service is the real domain to test and improve our skills.

Ing-Ing Ratrapee

Creative Team Lead

Ratrapee Tehawitthayachinda aka “Inging” is a second-year master’s student in IST interested in Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and how interaction and designed learning space lead to the greater learning outcome. Her goal toward a profession is to provide the instructional consultant with technical and pedagogical solutions, creating meaningful learning and teaching experience. Visit her website for more information: